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VoiceSync App is a patented, easy to use next-generation teleconferencing productivity tool that will help you achieve your desired outcome, whether business or personal.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things that people have said about our live crystal-clear collaboration/chat virtual network.

“ VoiceSync App is hands down the most useful and clearest collaboration I've ever used. I can't wait to use it again for my next project.”

Jamillia Brown

“I've never used a collaboration/chat network as versatile and flexible as VoiceSync App . It's my go to "tool" for building teams on almost any business or individual project. After receiving my recording I posts my Conversation on Instagram ”

Scotland Jelinek
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Built for Individual and Business Needs

VoiceSync App is built to make your life easier. Variable networking tools, tracking transactions in your app, and credit referrals are all a part of this productivity app.

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Designed to be Modern

VoiceSync App is a modern, efficient productivity tool uniquely designed for anyone on the go! Our mobile app is designed with the latest cutting-edge network trends in mind.

This is the best resource created for networking.
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Use the VoiceSync mobile app to achieve your business and personal goals. We provide clear conversations for up to 250 people, unlimited virtual chat. Your dynamic network is tracked and monitored within your mobile app.

Lifetime app tracking

Credit referrals

Tutorial tech support

At no cost to any of your participants


Can I use VoiceSync App for my clients?

Absolutely. The collaboration/chat network license allows you to build a collaboration team for business, or personal usage.


How long will my recordings be available to me?

All recordings are email directly to you after each collaboration, if you had chosen to record the meeting. But in addition to that, Platinum and Gold members have each of their recordings stored on our servers for three months and one month respectively. After that, the recordings are deleted to make room on our server for new recordings. Silver members do not have recording privileges.


Who gets the referral fee if two people refer me to VoiceSync?

You will decide whose personal reference number to use during set up. That person will receive the residual income commission. No changes can be made.


Can I pay the membership fee in monthly installments?

VoiceSync App is not set up to accept monthly payments.


Per month, billed annually?

Platinum $20.83 per month, billed annually Gold $4.17 per month, billed annually Silver $2.08 per month, billed annually


Well I get free updates?

Yes VoiceSync App systematically update your app. Administrator control under menu/profile/upgrade. Regardless if you have the free or platinum plan, you can see your transactions; add more minutes and upgrade your VoiceSync App account from this app. Under "My Network" you can see all of the participants that use your referral number, so you can earn credits referrals. You have the ability to generate a report and download your network as an Excel file


When I sent out an invitation for a collaboration does it have to be recorded?

No,You do not have to record every collaboration. Just remember to turn the live recording button "off" include a additional phone that you have access too in your invite, remember the notes section of your invite carry all of your detailed information about this invite. VoiceSync App introduction music plays Until the host is present plus one more is on the collaborating. After the host hang up VoiceSync App systematically send you that detail recordings on your selling promotions with a one click button that automatically send it out to all of your invitees email addresses.


I own a small business are there's limits for advertising my business?

We encourage you to purchase the platinum plan. To interact with your customers after collecting their email addresses, they would be glad to get a notification invite on promotional sales, today's menu for restaurants, discounts at certain times for happy hour and so much more!


Does my subscription automatically renew?

No. You will have a notice on your app’s dashboard with your membership end date. You must manually renew your membership every year.


Is there a limit on the three-tier earned credit referrals?

No. You may refer as many people as you wish for earned credits. Earned credits are redeemed monthly.


If I start off with the Silver version of VoiceSync and I tell my friends and family about this concept will I get the residual income?

Yes, however, because you joined at the lowest level you will be eligible for the lowest commissions (Tier 1 = 5%, Tier 2 = 2.5%, Tier 3 = 1.3%).


What is the Power of 25 and how do I cash in on that power?

Some large organizations utilize our software and referral to the The Power of 25 assumes that you recruit just 25 people on tier one. Each of your 25 people on tier one will recruit 25 people to form your tier two and each of your people on tier 2 recruit 25 people for tier three. Assuming that you and everyone on your 3 tiers are recruited into the Platinum group you will earn over $168,000. That income puts you in the upper middle class! (For CORPORATES or RESELLER SOLUTIONS, Discount


When will the VoiceSync app be released?

The app will be released for public consumption in Spring, 2020.


Does my collaboration have to be recorded?

Recording is up to you. Your invitation contains a “Record Meeting” button. If you choose not to record, just leave the “Record Meeting” button in the “off” position. If you choose to record the collaboration push the “Record Meeting” button to the on position (green). Shortly after you end the collaboration, the recording will automatically be sent to each participant’s email account.


I own a small business with a very small advertising budget. How can I use VoiceSync to maximize my advertising?

We encourage you to purchase the Platinum plan. Collect your clients/customers email addresses and then host collaborations to build relationships, advertise sales, promotions and business innovations.


How will I know that VoiceSync App is correctly tracking my earned credits?

VoiceSync App will track your earned credits using your referral number which can be found in the “Profile” section right under your name. In the same section, click on “Transactions” and you will see pending credits, upgrades and minutes purchased. Under "My Network" you can see all of the participants that used your referral number to make a purchase.

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